About the artist


I have been painting ever since I can remember. I grew up in a very creative home in Nelspruit. In pre-school I could always be found painting and drawing in the sand box rather then playing in it or riding my tricycle. I started going to art exploration classes when I was four at tannie Verda’s house.

Art was in my blood, especially on my mother’s side. Her uncle was the famous Stellenbocsh artist Paul du Toit. By the time I was six, I had won a local art competition under the professional leadership of my new art teacher Marguerite van Der Schuur. The reward was a cash prize - a lot of money at the tender age of 6. My painting was framed and displayed in the new children’s wing of the Nelspruit Private hospital for over a decade.

Throughout high school I studied under Heila vd Merwe, a renowned local artist. She was qualified to educate and tutor us according to the official art curriculum requirements of an additional 7th subject after school hours since art wasn’t available as an ordianary school subject at my high school. I was plunged into the world of the impressionists, post impressionists, surrealists and modernists among many others while studying art history for many hours. I did countless projects and techniques under her watchful eyes.

After the relaxed atmosphere in the Lowveld I was excited to move to the big city and study architecture at the University of Pretoria, but something was missing. With the constant pressure of having to come up with new architectural concepts and ideas, I never painted. In 2008 I embarked on a new adventure and started my career in aviation. Following the footsteps of my father who is also a fire fighting pilot. I feel incredibly blessed being able to combine my two great loves in balanced life. Keeping my left brain busy aircraft and engines my right brain content with canvas and paint.

Currently when I am not working as a commercial pilot, I paint from a makeshift studio in my living room. Constantly climbing over paints, brushes and canvases that cover most of my flat. I am also studying under Gerart Snyman to further advance my knowledge, skill and expression.